உலக அமைதிக்கு ஒரே தீர்வு : இந்து ஒற்றுமை

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    Arnold Toynbee wrote in his world famous and ill understood and illogically criticised epic ‘ history of the world’

    “At the close of this century,(20th century,he wrote in the 1950s),the world would be dominated by the West ,but that in the 21 rst century ‘India will conquer her conquerers’.

    ” It is already becoming clear that a chapter that had a western beggining will have to have an Indian ending, if it is not to end in self destruction of the human race”

    How prophetic. He adds-

    “At this supremely dangerous moment in human history ,the only way of salvation is the ancient Hindu way”

    For saying so in his summary of 7 volume epic of all the world history and its civilisations ,he was snubbed and marginalised by an academia that was intoxicated and unnerved by the rising power and influence of the soviet empire and its pernicious doctrines.
    The christian colonial historian school was unnerved by this blatant admission of Hindu Thought and culture as the solution to worlds ills.
    This took away its justification to funding by western governments ‘to combat the spectre of communism’
    On the other hand the Marxist historians saw it rubbished thier claim to its inheritance of world leadership, the refutal of a worldwide marxist state and the doctrine of communist internationale.

    We now see,a half century later,the sudden awakening to the menace of global jihadi terror and the escalating western confrontations with it.
    On the other hand,the Capitalistic and free market subjectivism now is coming apart and a crisis of the individual and his atomisation is smothering its citizens.

    Further ,this Industrial complex crushing human spirit also has started a snowballing Eco disaster,and sends a chill down the spine of the inhabitants of pollutional cities awaiting Tsunami waves engulfing them, from the melted waters of the polar icescapes.

    When Toynbee kept the hindu idea of a happy civilisation laying emphasis to the soul and not the body,and its mandatory reverence of Nature, as the only way,he was scoffed at as a reactionary.

    Neither 9/11 and the middle eastern inferno could be foreseen,the inevitable clash of two equally Intolerant Creeds.
    Nor the environmental disaster waiting to happen in the 50 years of global warming by taking the consumer driven materialistic cult.

    Then he adds-“…the only way to salvation is the hindu way.Here we have the attitude and spirit that can make it possible for the human race to grow together as a family”

    He elaborates-“So now we turn to India .This spiritual gift,that make a man human,is still alive in Indian souls.Go on giving the world living examples of it.Nothing else can do so much as to help mankind to save itself from destruction”

    Now we teach our children ,the very opposite of it,ashamed of even accepting this view of India espoused by a western scholar who had perhaps authored the only History Epic. In its stead we pursue a Marxist view that held India and her past and her spiritual message in utter contempt and incompatible with any progress and that the way forward is to tread the Soviet road.
    Or the Islamic and missionary view of India as a land of darkness-the preislamic jahiliya,and the misso doctrine of pagan animism and superstition.

    Arnold toynbee concludes thus-

    “There may or may not be only a single Truth and only one single aultimate way to salvation ” dismissing the claims of judochristian, Islamic and communist ideologies.
    ” But we do know that there are more approaches to Truth than one,and more means to salvation than one”.

    The very core belief of Hindus that is self evident and attractive to him.

    “This is a hard saying for adherents of higher religions of judaic family (Judaism,christianity and Islam) but it is a truism for Hindus.The spirit of mutual good will,esteem,and veritable love…” he goes on,when all our Marxist historians in our textbooks could see there only caste oppression and conflict and exploitation.

    ” ….is the traditional spirit of the family.This is one of India’s gifts to the world”

    Stunning ,when we see the havoc that concept of nuclear family and consumerist jungle law that hastily dismantled the traditional hindu joint family system,a life centered around the temple and the community, now has wrought,in the ever short marriages,divorces of every other newly weds,of split families,drug abuse,suicides and escalating psychiaytric illness leading to early cardiac arrests.

    Instead of examining independently, the good of our heritage and culture,we left the work to be done by what Gandhiji called ‘the gutter inspectors’ and discarded what was self evident to a man who had studied and puiblished volumes on every world civilisation, and a road shown as the way forward where the Soviet Union lies now in a heap by the wayside and the other that has recreated the dungeons of middle ages in its glittering streets and man siezed with an unspeakable sense anguish and suffering of alienation,rootlessness,loneliness,perversions and doom.

    Arnold Toynbee had seen all that, because he had studied history with an open mind and for that very reason proclaim and prescribe- The future humanitys’ road can only be Hinduism.

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